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How Do You Pray?

Free forum : From abusive homes, seeking God, helping each other limp along the narrow road.

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Walking down a narrow path alone observing different events.

Hi all, I had a weird night full of all kinds of stuff. I remember only part of one dream or night vision. I was walking down a narrow road no one was on this path but me ,and I came upon a window that had the word USA written on it and you could

Whole crown thinned seemingly overnight: need help trying to narrow down possible causes, feedback greatly appreciated.

Hey guys. So yeah, like the topic says, my whole crown, or just the entire MPB area (top of scalp) seemed to thin out significantly, practically over night. Texture and density of my hair just seems significantly more thin.. My regimen has been

Blind Lambs

Blind Lambs Watching a lamb round up, I saw a parable for mankind. I watched the lambs following, each other so blind. Through a broad valley, the young lambs did bleat. They flowed past the threshold of the wide gate. Down to the

Search for Potassium in XO-2 b and HD 80606 b

GTC OSIRIS Transiting Exoplanet Atmospheric Survey: Detection of potassium in XO-2b from spectrophotometry Abstract wrote:We present Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC) optical transit narrow-band photometry of the hot-Jupite

Narrow Dental Arch and its impact on health

This is something that I don't think has been addressed on this forum and I hope that some of you take the time to read about it and understand it.  Many of you might even have this problem to some degree. I am currently getting this treatment for a

Scalpure 7 months progress

Hey guys for those of you using Scalpure, not sure if you guys saw update on the scalpure webpage of the 7 month progress pics but its pretty impressive! Here are the pics before/after from the page. [img][/img]

The Book of Thomas the Contender

The Book of Thomas the Contender. translated by John D. Turner. The secret words that the savior spoke to Judas Thomas which, I, even I, Mahaias, wrote down, while I was walking, listening to them speak with one another. The savior said ,

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