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Oxy vs. vicoden

I fell on New Year's Eve and really did a number on my back again. The Dr's offices were closed of course, and right now I don't have an extra $700 for an ER visit, so I doubled up on my vicoprofen (I took 2 instead of 1) Tuesday I went and saw the

Narcotics and pain meds

New to this if this is a repeat, bear with me. I have been suffering from headaches all my life and the last 17 yrs. specifically with migraines! Started out in a dark room, unable to function every three days! Went to numerous dr., neuros,

Hospital said they won't treat me?

I came home for winter break, and stupidly left my medication in my apartment. I had to go to the ER twice before the holidays were over and I could go to my doctor to get my medications. On the second visit the ER told me I'm there too often and if I

Difficultys getting drigs

I fought with my doctor about changong pain pills.No is all I get.I take Fioricet.doesn't work .Everytimr i ask for something ,he tells me they have to be so careful because the drug pepole are watching so closely.I'm 71 and migrainer since I was 10.I;ve

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