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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Chat and Learn Forum

Staffiezone Supporting & Fundraising for Staffordshire Bull Terriers in Rescue on a Fun Forum to chat, learn or advise

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Chat Forum & Info

A place for Staffordshire bull terrrier owners, breeders, trainers, admirers, ect. to come and socialize. We are a family friendly site, so everyone is welcomed to come and learn as well as just have fun!

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My Bubbalicious

Mum's for Mum's

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A real Nanny Dog!

So my wife and I are blessed with a 4 Month Old healthy baby Boy... Henry our 14 month old staffy is very gentle with hime and has done some amazing things latley... First I started to notice that when the baby wakes up and crys a little or is cross

Nanny dogs right enough

lay findlay down on his play gym last night for the first time , right away shdy and dakota lay guard lol

Nanny dog

Babysat my 18 month old grandson for the weekend. Was a little concerned that Ty would be too much for him but it was quite the opposite! Personally, I think Tyson was happy to see him go home so he could get some peace!

My Little Nanny Dog

A few weeks ago two of the kids I babysit for came into PDog with their mom, met Saxon for the first time and fell in love with him: I got a text last week from their mom asking me to babysit and bring Saxon along! Apparently the kids have been

The nanny dog

Kodi & Danni seem to have a very strong bond they sleep like this every night Such Devil dogs

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