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Nail Art Tutorials?

I wasn't sure it goes here but I count my nails as part of make up. If your your face needs to be groomed your finger nails need to be too. So I was wondering if anyone would want so nail art tutorials, you know on those days you don't have any money but

Gal Nail Shop For Cali Gals

I didnt see a Nail section. I tried my best to fit this post under a second best section. Please direct this post to a different section, if its in a wrong spot<3 Theres a Shop called HimeNails. Its located in California. They do Japnese 3d art. The

nail rahab

so my nails aint that amazing they will grow but there not strong at all i take my eyes off them for a sec then they brake has anyone got any advise HELP!! PLS BYE

I bought a nail clipper from Amazon

It is made in Japan. I sat on the front steps by the hydrangea bush and blissfully clipped my nails this languid Friday afternoon. that is all.

Nail art tutorial

Hey Ladies! This be my first nail art tutorial, its very simple and a picture tutorial I hope you like it, try it out. ~Tiny Yeah, I just gave away my nail art secrets.

nail deco stuff??

Hey, so I wasn't too sure where to put this, but I'm guessing here will be fine I really like the whole gyaru nail deco stuff, and I was wondering where you get all the crap for it from? I have glitter and rhinestones, and I'm guessing they're pretty

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