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Nail Polish Addicts Anonymous

For people who love nail polish

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Beauty-Full Swappers Polish Swapping Forum

Free forum : This is a fun place where beauty-obsessed polish peeps can swap with one another.

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Nail Art Tutorials?

I wasn't sure it goes here but I count my nails as part of make up. If your your face needs to be groomed your finger nails need to be too. So I was wondering if anyone would want so nail art tutorials, you know on those days you don't have any money but

Gal Nail Shop For Cali Gals

I didnt see a Nail section. I tried my best to fit this post under a second best section. Please direct this post to a different section, if its in a wrong spot<3 Theres a Shop called HimeNails. Its located in California. They do Japnese 3d art. The

nail rahab

so my nails aint that amazing they will grow but there not strong at all i take my eyes off them for a sec then they brake has anyone got any advise HELP!! PLS BYE

Nail art tutorial

Hey Ladies! This be my first nail art tutorial, its very simple and a picture tutorial I hope you like it, try it out. ~Tiny Yeah, I just gave away my nail art secrets.

I bought a nail clipper from Amazon

It is made in Japan. I sat on the front steps by the hydrangea bush and blissfully clipped my nails this languid Friday afternoon. that is all.

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