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To connect Naganians in Town, Naganians OFW and Balikbayans all over the world.

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Free forum : Unicorn Grove

A place for unicorns and otherkin to gather and discuss our worlds.

unicorn, #otherkin, glory, unicornkin

otherkin friends

A forum for otherkin to talk, make friends. and escape from the outside world.

free, forum, #otherkin, friends, talk, make, escape, from, outside, world

Feral Nature

Feral Nature : A place where those who identify as Otherkin, Therian, or any assortment of non-human beings can come together.

#otherkin, feral, nature, therian, dragon, therianthropy, furry, nonhuman

Shadow of the Fallen Forum

Forum for all Shadow, Grigori, Fallen, and Otherkin

grigori, angel, shadow, #otherkin, watchers, dragon, starseed, vampires, vampyres, weres, therian, shemyaza, azazel, fallen, angels, nephilim, chat, 2012

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Therian & Otherkin Terminlology

~Basic Terminology~Animal-Hearted - Animal-hearted is when an individual strongly identifies with a species of creature. It's more than a fascination or like of the creature, like in the furry fandom, but not quite to the point of being something you

Naga [[Done]]

NagaAutumnBasic BiographyReal Name: Autumn Alexandra Caurio Autumn Roxanne DrachRenegade/Hero/Villain Name: NagaTitle: Experiment PC4123Alignment: Neutral EvilAge: 19Gender: FemaleRace: Human MutantHair: Smoky ScarletEyes: MaroonHeight:

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