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Insulting your mum since 2007. Internet Forum lulz. roflspam spam rofl lol forum lmao n00b pro game

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Phone/iPad/iTouch Graphics from a n00b to an expert.

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N00b in the house.

Hey guys, Im an old school duelist, 15 going on 16, so Im new to this online dueling thing. Any advice you new school duelist can give an old wolf is greatly apreciated. P.s. Live long, game hard boys and girls.

Create n00b Deck from Scratch

I can't seem to create a decent deck. I am pretty sure I know the rules now. At this point I would prefer to have a user friendly deck that is fun to play as opposed to a deck made to win. Sometimes I just can't keep up with those special effects and

Advice for a n00b

Hi All,I am new to the Crawler concept, I have 1/10 EP drifters and regularly run those, I also used to own 1/8 Nitro Truggies and Buggys but they are gone now (sadly). I have been looking at and really want to get into crawling, I currently want to

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