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Goodbye dalelands hello Baldurs gate!

Hello there dalelanders i will be takeing a break and looking at the Baldurs gate server, i will try to equally devide my time for both servers. In the meantime i may not get on for a while if the baldurs gate server proves up to my expectations. So

Weather Changes in the Dales

For the past few days throughout the Dales, the temperature has remained much colder than average for this time of year. In areas, snow flurries fall on occasion here and there. Farmers begin to complain that their crops will be ruined if something

Hi there ;)

Hi there New player here saying hello. I hope y'all will be gentle with me as I'm kinda new to this whole roleplaying thing Are there any pointers you guys could give me, before I start creating my character?


Due to the amazing amounts of stress this server has been causing me, I can't feel good sticking around. I apologize if my characters' departures affect you in a negative way. Thank you all for putting up with me for the past year or so and maybe I'll

Player Character's Guide: So you want to play in the Underdark?

So you want to play in the Underdark? Drow are Evil in our setting. There are no "good" Drow, with the exception of NPCs. If your intention was to come here and play toward a good aligned Drow elf, then I'm sorry you've come to the wrong

Custom Changes to Dalelands Beyond

Dalelands Beyond currently uses a modified version of Neverwinter Nights 2 Mask of the Betrayer, Storm of Zehir and the Kaedrin Custom Content Pack v1.41.1. Custom Changes (differs from other servers): - Disarm/Improved Disarm no longer causes the

Getting started guide for Dalelands Beyond

Welcome to the Dalelands Beyond server for Neverwinter Nights 2! This is a Forgotten-Realms based persistent-world. Our server uses the Neverwinter Nights 2 and both of its expansions (Mask of the Betrayer and Storm of Zehir). Both are required to

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