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Wandering Leaves

Welcome to Wandering Leaves! I realistic wolf rpg taking place in open forest, savanna, and marshlands.

#wandering, #leaves, #welcome, #leaves!, #realistic, #wolf, #taking, #place, #open, #forest, #savanna, #marshlands

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Animal of any kind! Been what YOU want! (Needs Members)

[i][center]This is where you can be whatever you want! But keep it as animal like as possible, which means no shape shifting or powers. There are four places, Ocean, Desert, RainForest, and Forest. So go ahead, be a frog a slug a moose or cat! You can be

Cecilia Krum

Out Of Character: Name:*coughs* Sophia *end cough* Gender:Female Age: 19 How you found Potter's Army:Long story... Any other characters on Potter's Army: Savannah Galloway (16th year) Rose Weasley (5th) Anything else: I been here awhile so I love

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