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Kefka or Warrior of Light????

Seeing how Chocobo is clearly not wanted on the main roster, I am curious to know myself who is it that the community feels should've been the Final Fantasy rep on the main roster. Many names have been mentioned left and right, but there are 2 names

The Dissidia Files: Work in Progress Thread

Welcome to "The Dissidia Files: Work in Progress" thread. Here I will post information of the Mugen works I'm currently working on. UPDATE: 03/28/2014 Screenpack/Motif Hatsune Miku: Project MUGEN S.P. Extend (Localcoord=850,480) (256

Hatsune Miku SP by Dissidia and GLB (Edit by sxVector).

[PREVIEW] [DOWLOAD] ?1i3lb69a8i21ovk [COMMENT] Quote :Basically a resize to 850x480 resolution for Hatsune Miku SP. You can use the same ports that they have provided, though you must use the custom resolution normally for HD

Disney owning the KH characters....your opinions?

Yep incase you didn't know. Disney claims ownership of Sora , Kairi , Riku , Roxas , Namine , Xion , Org XIII , Ansem , aqua and so on. They are Nomura's creations who works for square Enix. Do you all think they should belong to their true owners or let

New Dissidia 012 : Final Fantasy

I haven't seen this topic so I'm creating one now. I've heard of the new Dissidia Final Fantasy coming out. From what I've read it will contain lightning from Final Fantasy XIII and another character from Final Fantasy XIV. I'm hoping to see

[1.0] Cyberia 7 SP [850x480]

I was holding on this for so long and didn't bother to release it for awhile. Though.. I decided to release it now just in case if anybody is interested. DL Link: download/axo7xlrsbjb05cr/Cyberia_7.rar Templates are in the main

Intro:Pistol Nitrochampion

Sup,I'm Pistol Nitrochampion,King of Offense battling! Yea,I'm awesome. Currently I am 27 and kinda stuck,since I can't find any missions. I am a very calculating fighter at times,then I will get all crazy and start killing snuff...Like a boss. I

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