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The Safehouse

After a recent happening in the Pokestadium admin not being logged on for a month then it being closed down for some time due to him not paying- this is just a backup site for the members of Pokestadium. As we may finish our buisness and hopefully ke

#safehouse, #after, #recent, #happening, #pokestadium, #admin, #being, #logged, #month, #then, #closed, #down, #some, #time, #paying-, #this, #just, #backup, #site, #members, #pokest

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Finish that drawing

Just like our first and second "create a story" game threads, here is a similar game but without the text for all you picasso's. Here's how we play it: 1. Save the previous image on your computer. 2. Open the image file using any

Bits need to finish my Enforcer Platoon

Hey Everyone Got GW gift vouchers for x-mas and got myself another squad of plastic cadians so I can start my second squad of Enforcers for my guard army!! Have a couple of problems though!!!! 1 Only get two voxcaster heads in box so need another

Finish The Lyrics contest!

Oh no! David needs your help! He can't remember the rest of the lyrics to his songs! He needs your help to finish them up! I will post what David has forgotten and the first person to finish it up correctly gets the point for it. And then I will give yo

Varnish/Finish for Models

Just looking to get some insight from other forum readers on what they use to ensure that the paint on their models stays that way. I've toyed around with a few things before, but I'm trying to avoid that shiny effect. Any and all opinions would be

Quests you didn't think you would finish but did.

So yeah, quests you thought you would fail or time out on. It actually happened to me this morning. As we were going after the Agnaktor in hot deal, one guy got wasted twice on the first, then the second took forever, So, I'm running back to 10 after

Finish The Triangle [GAME]

Basically, some one says a word and you make a triangle out of it. EX.: Warning! Long example!: User 1: The word I choose is:Cake! C User 2: C CA User 3: C CA CAK User 4: C CA CAK CAKE User

What is the best way to finish land of the tremors

i've been stuck on land of the tremors quest for ages, i cant defeat the two tigrex and i need to get through it to get the next urgent quest can anyone that has finished this quest help me by telling me what you used as a weapon, armour and what items yo

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