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So, I've gotten a little interest in make-up communique. here is where I will post some tips, pictures, instructionals, charts, techniques. i'm a full time make-up artist/Hair dresser so any questions you have, please! feel free to ask...lets hope this

Yamanba, gyaru, manba, etc.. Still around? :o

I've been dying to know, are they still around coz I'm just not sure. I really hope they are but my friend's cousin lives in Japan and says she hasn't seen any D: I just really need to know :3

Confidence form Gyaru?

I dunno if this seems a bit strange to ask but have any of you managed to gain confidence from previous body hangups since discovering gyaru style? I'm interested to know, even if it's a tiny thing. For example, Since realising that lots of Gyaru models

Best gyaru styles

hey everyone so im new to gyaru and im just getting the hang of it but i know im in love with gyaru so what do u guys suggest that are the best styles and what syles do u like or are u into

OLD manba Makeup

Okay so You know how to do Hime makeup now... Now it's time for manba! (I think this is an old style so if you are wanting a newer style I wouldn't keep this look!) (btw, I think the last on may be Kaoru Watanabe, lols)

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