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Hylocereus from graft

We all know of those colourful Gymnocalycium grafted on Hylocereus but does anyone know what species the stock plant is?I bought one and immediately cut off the top in the hope of getting a real species of Hylocereus, not some cultivar from a

Degrafting cacti

G'day guys,Here's another topic for you to chew on. Degrafting... how do we all do it? From removing to successfully rooting the scion, and even re-grafting to a new stock. I've read Teonanacatl's excellent little book on grafting, however this is

How to graft cacti (larger scions)

Here is how i do 95% of all my grafts.i did this a little while a go and thought it may help people grafting cacti. let me know if you have any thoughts/comments....its certainly not detailed. but the goal was to make the process easily understood for

Grafting to un rooted stock

hi folks, whats everyones thoughts on grafting seedlings to unrooted stocks? I normally get the stock on its own roots and growing before I graft but I have seen it done on unrooted stock too. the reason i want to know is.. I have hylocereus

Calycium's Grafting attempts

So on the 26th, I grafted a small seedling directly on top of the pereskiopsis scion. It was a perfect fit size wise. The join s were identical in size (and I thought that this might help kepp it all "glued" together). As per Kada's instructions, it is

First Time

I was searching the internet and I found this link have never grafted cacti before so I decided to give it a go. I made four seedling grafts (turbinicarpus and

My fav nth americans

Top left two and bottom right are ariocarpus retusus scapharostaroides, bottom left obregonia denegri , bottom middle astophytum jamuave and top right is ariocarpus hintonii prbably my fav of all ariocarpus.

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