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What's up with this loph graft?

Okay guys... here's another weird little loph of mine for you to take a squizz at.This little fella was grown from seed a few months ago. Unfortunately, a possum knocked over my seed trays and so I have no idea what this bloke was supposed to be. In

How to graft tomatoes

Howdy Folks:Here is a video for the more adventurous among us. Bless, Ward and Mary.

Emergency graft

this little Uelbelmannia pectinifera was going very well (surviving a melbourne winter on its own roots) until i accidently knocked it off a bench and it had a rather rough fall. on impact the base sustained a serious crack as well as serious root

How to graft cacti (larger scions)

Here is how i do 95% of all my grafts.i did this a little while a go and thought it may help people grafting cacti. let me know if you have any thoughts/comments....its certainly not detailed. but the goal was to make the process easily understood for

A large graft

Just thought I would share my oldest graft (second graft I ever did, the first failed), it is a bit distorted, well alot! This one I am very sentimental about, It is also my first loph flower ever. Another bud forming.I was inspired by gillgan's

Help to graft crested peyote to san pedro

Hi everyone,I was given a bunch of little Peyote's the other day and I believe one of them may be cresting. I'm interested in grafting it to an old Pedro I have. Do I need to trim the sides of the Pedro to make a pyramid or can I just bung it straight

About to graft some A. caput-medusae

Hi all, I am about to graft a number of A. caput-medusae (onto multiple types of root stock), and as this is a species that I have not done before, any suggestions, hints or tips that might help me along? I am going to try at least 2 onto Pereskiopsis

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