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How to graft cacti (larger scions)

Here is how i do 95% of all my grafts.i did this a little while a go and thought it may help people grafting cacti. let me know if you have any thoughts/comments....its certainly not detailed. but the goal was to make the process easily understood for

What's up with this loph graft?

Okay guys... here's another weird little loph of mine for you to take a squizz at.This little fella was grown from seed a few months ago. Unfortunately, a possum knocked over my seed trays and so I have no idea what this bloke was supposed to be. In

How to graft tomatoes

Howdy Folks:Here is a video for the more adventurous among us. Bless, Ward and Mary.

Emergency graft

this little Uelbelmannia pectinifera was going very well (surviving a melbourne winter on its own roots) until i accidently knocked it off a bench and it had a rather rough fall. on impact the base sustained a serious crack as well as serious root

About to graft some A. caput-medusae

Hi all, I am about to graft a number of A. caput-medusae (onto multiple types of root stock), and as this is a species that I have not done before, any suggestions, hints or tips that might help me along? I am going to try at least 2 onto Pereskiopsis

A large graft

Just thought I would share my oldest graft (second graft I ever did, the first failed), it is a bit distorted, well alot! This one I am very sentimental about, It is also my first loph flower ever. Another bud forming.I was inspired by gillgan's

Help to graft crested peyote to san pedro

Hi everyone,I was given a bunch of little Peyote's the other day and I believe one of them may be cresting. I'm interested in grafting it to an old Pedro I have. Do I need to trim the sides of the Pedro to make a pyramid or can I just bung it straight

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