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Dometic Heater Problems

We own a 2009 Wildcat 31TS. We have a Dometic Heater in this camper. Our heater is coming on, but it is blowing cold air and is not heating up. Here are the symptoms, we know we have propane, because the stove and oven light, and the hot water heater i

Trying to troubleshoot frequent loose stools (raw diet)

My 13 month old pup Syrous has been having frequent bouts of diarrhea for the past few weeks, and I'm really having a tough time figuring out the root cause of it. I'll give some background:He's been fed raw his whole life, and it's been always hit

Concertone ZX 600 sound problem

For some reason the 5.1 surround sound system on my Concertone ZX 600 stoped working . It worked fine last summer but now all that works is the base woofer on speaker setting A. On speaker setting B the outside speakers work ok. Has anybody had this

Air conditioner problem

The fan just wont come on, ithe fan is practicaly never been used, the cat is 5 years old with less than 10 hrs. anyone gotta a clue as to why it would trip the breaker.

Help with parallax 7155

I am only getting 4.6vdc on the output. With batteries hooked up and shore power connected my output reads the same as the battery voltage. I have been through the troubleshooting flow chart and it does not help, with reverse polarity fuses out the

Convertor failure

Purchased 2008 28RKBS new in May of 2007. Currently the third Parallax #7100 convertor has went south. Only made 1 weekend on this one, used a battery charger to save the weekend. Have read many post concerning checking convertor and this is what we have

New Concertone problems...need help

Ok, The RV dealer installed the new and improved Concertone, however went to test it out once I got home (big mistake, should have done there) and everything seems to work, except the outside remote sensor. So instead of going back to the dealer, I pulle

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