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SARTech Team

San Manuel, Aurora & Roxas Technician Team

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Free forum : The Luzonian Online

The Online Community of The Luzonian, The Official Publication of the Collegiate Student Body of Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, Lucena City

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January 3rd 1944: Soviet-Polish Border

In the Early morning of January the 3rd, a Tiger of the Panzer Regiment GroƟdeutschland crosses the snowy border into the Soviet Union, to help aid the pointless defense by other german units. A waiting Wehrmacht guard warns the tank driver of tank traps

MP40 Sandtrooper ammo pouch

Hi all My Sandtrooper armour is on its way, as is my black undersuit and boots. All I need now is an MP40 ammo pouch if anyone has one or can direct me. Cheers mike

My dinosaurs

Hiya, I've been collecting dinosaurs casually for about 3 or 4 years, but I recently got really into paleontology in general this year. The unusually coloured ones are custom repaints, by a member on another forum. They were NOT done by me Also

Another scandal brewing

HHS employess may be guilty of insider trading in the stocks of private firms involved in new Medicare

November releases from Verlinden

These are the November new releases from Verlinden . 2538 1:72 Luftwaffe Revetment 2539 1:35 Sampan Special Operations Vietnam 2540 1:35 Bofors Ammo & Boxes 2541 1:35 Workshop / Warehouse Stuff 2542 1:48 US Navy Carrier Fire

MP40, german helmet, MG42

A pair of german, showing off the gear. A close up.

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