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Beth's game

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November releases from Verlinden

These are the November new releases from Verlinden . 2538 1:72 Luftwaffe Revetment 2539 1:35 Sampan Special Operations Vietnam 2540 1:35 Bofors Ammo & Boxes 2541 1:35 Workshop / Warehouse Stuff 2542 1:48 US Navy Carrier Fire

January 3rd 1944: Soviet-Polish Border

In the Early morning of January the 3rd, a Tiger of the Panzer Regiment Großdeutschland crosses the snowy border into the Soviet Union, to help aid the pointless defense by other german units. A waiting Wehrmacht guard warns the tank driver of tank traps

MP40, german helmet, MG42

A pair of german, showing off the gear. A close up.

Prayers desperately needed

Hi all. I am posting this on behalf of my friend Beth Ingalls Leisses. She is a member here but doesn't post. A lot of you know her from facebook and emails so I am counting on you to pray. Her husband David suffered a heart attack last night (july

MP40 Sandtrooper ammo pouch

Hi all My Sandtrooper armour is on its way, as is my black undersuit and boots. All I need now is an MP40 ammo pouch if anyone has one or can direct me. Cheers mike

Lost Chances

Hi Everyone, I posted this story at PT as well.It's of Jason ‘the inventor’ [Talking Machine/ Season2] moving back to Walnut Grove,and of how Almonzo felt with a new man in Beth’s life. Kalin Lost Chances *************** Almonzo glanced up from the

Saying Goodbye

This is a story I wrote a while back, but didn't have time to enter into the PC until recently. In this one, Laura and Almanzo stop by their old house--the one Almanzo and Charles built after Manly's stroke--to say goodbye before the town is blown

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