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How can a guest see a restricted topic ?

I have a habit of checking the IPs of guest when I see them. Generally it always shows them as " Viewing the forum index " Last night it showed a guest as being in the "Cave" which is set for members only. I'm curious how that can be.

New Users 7 days restricted???

Why can some new users accepted, and registered on my forums not post for 7 days after registration, when others can right away for Applications??? Can I edit this for each forums section, or even better completely remove any limitations on posting fro

Forums Restricted by Account Age/Post Count

The title describes this. I think you should have the ability to disable certain sections of your forum from being accessed if the users account isn't old enough or they don't have enough post count. This should also be integrated with ranks. Simply: I

Restricted Sections for 16+ (i.e. Pictures)

Hello Folks! So i've been getting pestured by people in my RS clan for adding in a section for Real Pics. However according to the ToS it states: Content which disclose personal datum that could identifies children under age of 18 or which exploit the

Guests showing up in restricted areas

When viewing "Who Is Online" we have recently noticed guests showing up in restricted areas of our forum, like our Members Only section. Any idea how this is possible? Thanks!

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