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Bible Discussion for: Why the dispute about the body of Moses in Jude 9?

Anyone has suggestions for this bible verse, in JUDE 9? But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not himself dare to condemn him for slander but said, "The Lord rebuke you!" (Jude 9). I

The Mooring Post

If you switch your "Sky and Viewing Options" in the Stellarium "Starlore" tab to "Egyptian" then look in a northerly direction, you can see a constellation named the "Bull's Foreleg" which is attached to a "Mooring Post".  It looks very much like

How many children did Moses have?

I was in a meeting and there this question arose. We all have little knowledge, so I decided to ask it over. Do any of you know how many children Moses have?

Moses, Israelites, Desert and GOD

Greetings, peace and blessings in the name of Jesus Christ This is overwhelming when you think about it. You MUST read to the end............. Moses and the people were in the desert, but what was he going to do with them? They had to be fed, an

SPR LECTURE - Secret Life of Stainton Moses by LESLIE PRICE

Here is another one I would like to get to


Moses was born about 1400 BCE in the tribe of Levi, the son of Amram and Levi's daughter Yocheved. His Hebrew name was Moshe, the true meaning of which is now unknown. Some relate the name to the Hebrew word mashah, which means "drawn out" a


Yes, Moses was right. Israel has been the land of milk and honey, and now it abounds in energy. MOSES FINALLY VINDICATED BY ISRAELI OIL by MICHAEL CURTIS Ever since Moses took the Israelites out of Egypt critics have grumbled he took the wrong

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