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Project Runway

Anyone surprised that the final three have become the final four? I don't get the judges' obsession with Anya. She seems nice, but the talent and skills aren't there. I loved Viktor's mini-collection.

Africa rocks the runway

The organisers of Africa Fashion Week London believe it is time Africa owned its fashion AFRICA FASHION Week London (AFWL) is back to showcase the very best of African and African-inspired designs. Debuting in London less than a year ago, the

Do you like Montego bay.

If so I have three ounces bagged and I did not enjoy it at all, so if there is anyone out there who can take this curse off of my hands please let me know.

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These are the Subetan Runway cult rules. You must read and agree to these rules upon your application to the cult. Any infractions of these rules will result in penalty on a case by case basis. Review these rules as necessary. Any questions or concerns

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Welcome to Subetan Runway! Thank you for your interest in our cult, and thank you for taking the time to learn more! Before reading any further, please read the rules of Subetan Runway, as your application signifies that you understand and agree to ou

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