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MineCraft Texture Packs

Well, like the title implies, what are your favorite texture packs? I personally prefer DokuCraft, Okami Craft, Arcane/Arcana Craft, and many others. There are a ton of great textures out there...

My MOC topic

Here is where I'll be posting all of my MOCs! First, I'll show the MOC I just finished a little bit ago. Title: Promethean Officer Time taken: 2 hours to build, 2 hours to paint Gallery: Click the photo to view. Secondly.. Title: Armored

Will be gone on Saturday :(

Hello everyone, Just thought I tell you that I will be gone from LEGOZone Power on Saturday. Y'see I will be at Comic Con!! Exciting isn't it?! I'll be on most of the time this week. But also sometime soon I must focus on writing m

Following Destiny

All right, those who have read Following Destiny on the CL know I never finished it. Furthermore, I think I stopped at a very strange spot and left everyone wondering until they simply gave up on finding out what would happen next. So, to finish what I

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