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Ingat Sejenak

Ingat Sejenak adalah ruang nostalgia yang mencakup berbagai informasi seperti film, permainan, kuliner dan lain lain yang hits pada jaman 80an dan 90an

ingat, sejenak, #adalah, ruang, nostalgia, yang, mencakup, berbagai, informasi, seperti, film, permainan, kuliner, lain, hits, pada, jaman, 80an, 90an

O-zone Official Forum

Ini adalah forum resmi O-zone.

o-zone, gamers, community, official, forum

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Fanart/doujin by Keroyon Jima

Some of the best NH fan art can be found here- Doujin Translation here-

The mithril-vest

i've come to think of something lately. the mithril vest given to frodo from bilbo, the one he wears in LOTR, that was on of the things bilbo got from the dragonhord, when they were all pimped up. Bilbo never knew how much it was worth etc. etc. but! i

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