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Mike Charlene Lovely Forum

Hello dear Mike-Charlene Fanatics! Welcome to Mike He & Charlene Choi first English Forum(MiSa English), Hope you enjoy your stay here! Awaiting your presence in our family!!! Let's support MISA ALL T

#mike, #xiang, #charlene, #choi

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Izuoka Misaki

you guys know izuoka misaki?she is a popteen model and VERY cute ^^ she stands out with her dark hair between the blondes~ !

HimeBerry ladies !. ♥

We finally made it after much planning ~ here`s bavarias new gyaru-cir HimeBerry*world hug*At the moment we are people 5 / 6 but we are still growing at ;DLet's hope it all goes like it should work♥I post the link to our homepage when we

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