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Mike Charlene Lovely Forum

Hello dear Mike-Charlene Fanatics! Welcome to Mike He & Charlene Choi first English Forum(MiSa English), Hope you enjoy your stay here! Awaiting your presence in our family!!! Let's support MISA ALL T

#mike, #xiang, #charlene, #choi

Our Lady for Life

Our Lady for Life, Lebanon, Tarek E. Chidiac President Gibran National Committee, Blessed Mother, Kahlil Gibran, Divine Mercy, Maronite Catholic, St. Charbel, St. Padre Pio, Medjugorje, Fr. Pavone

#pope, #francis, #garabandal, #khalil, #gibran, #medjugorje, #100%, #catholic, #life, #fatima, #maronite, #roman, #faustina, #padre

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Izuoka Misaki

you guys know izuoka misaki? she is a popteen model and VERY cute ^^ she stands out with her dark hair between the blondes~ !

HimeBerry ladies !. ♥

We finally made it after much planning ~ here`s bavarias new gyaru-cir HimeBerry *world hug* At the moment we are people 5 / 6 but we are still growing at ;D Let's hope it all goes like it should work♥ I post the link to our homepage when we

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