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Free forum : Mineshaft Cracked Servers

Free forum : This server basically has the servers for mineshafter (Minecraft). Which is minecraft for free. Normal Minecraft servers don't work!

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The Legion

The Legion is a Minecraft Faction as well as a server dedicated to helping all new comers. Great Server along with a great admin and operators!

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Oasis tekkit server?

I think it would be a good idea to make a tekkit oasis server because the only reason I haven't been on is because I got Tekkit. I have been addicted to tekkit but I try to get onto oasis when possible.

Amazing water shader!

download here clicky

Having fun on tekkit

So, I got tekkit yesterday and it blew my mind! literally it did because there is nukes. Anyway, there are what I like to call ''detail blocks''. these blocks are normal blocks, just cut up. i made a simple little house using them. (this actually took

Looking for free version of minecraft! :)

I need a free version of minecraft as my version has derp'd out. Thank you!

I need tekkit help :(

To be honest with you, my brain HURTS... I've just lot my NEI GUI and no solution would bring it back again so im re-d/l... But once i get it back im stuck!Im having energy issues and i dont understand enough about it to solve them using the wiki

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