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What happened when Shawn lost his smile?

What the reason for this storyline? How long was he out for etc. I saw a clip of the speech the other day and it was before I started watching WWE so I don't know why it happened. Was it to cover up an injury? What was the backstage reaction?

Undertaker + Shawn Michaels

Don't get me wrong, I'm only very vaguely up to date with the crack at the minute, but I've been hearing a lot of people throwing around this as a Wrestlemania match. As far as I'm concerned, it will be a mistake. One of the few matches I saw last year

shawn michaels UK tour cancelled

1PW Management/Shawn Michaels United Kingdom Tour Cancelled Due to circumstances outside of Shawn Michaels’ control, his agents at Encore Sports & Entertainment, LLC regret to announce that the advertised 1PW Management tour scheduled to begin on

Did Shawn Michaels fake it???????

THIS IS NOT MY ARTICLE JUST ONE I CAUGHT ON A DIFFERENT SITE ___________________________________________________________________ Shawn was involved in one of the greatest wrestling angles in history the screwing of Bret Hart. Bret left the company for

Shawn Sweeney - New Hampshire Wildcats

Plymouth Regional High School Shawn's Player Profile Personal The son of Patrick Sweeney and Donna Byers...born undeclared major. At UNH 2009 • Expected to compete for playing time at running back. 2008 • Redshirt

The Search For Shawn Michaels (HHH and HBK)

Shawn was flipping patties on the grill when he heard a bunch of ringing. He groaned with annoyance before he went over to the little girl and put his hand on the bell. "Listen little girl I have to cook the burger on both sides. I will tell you

Former Sidekick Goalie Shawn Ray passed away this week Shawn was a good guy. If you knew him he always had a smile on his face and had something funny to say. He lived life full throttle. He played for the Sidekicks and worked at Inwood back in the day.

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