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[LAGG] Snipers Clan

[LAGG] Sniper Clan is a Freestyle Clan We Have Got Members all Around The World ** NOW RECRUTING **

#[lagg], #snipers, #clan

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EAC LAG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

join the server ,i play 30-50seconds and increases lag 40-50 and newer up to 100 + any solutions? using windows 7 32bits,firewall off,anti-virus off and drivers up to date;resolutions 1024x768 fullscreen! sorry for bad english

Hello From [LAGG] Clan

Hello [CBS] long time no talk. i see u are still doing well here is some info a bout [LAGG] Clan All are welcome at [LAGG] Clan ! FN [LAGG] US/Euro (London) Location : England 8 slots FN [LAGG] US/Euro (London) IP:

Space Marine MP impressions

Got the game! I haven't tried SP, I went straight to multiplayer and here's my thoughts (so far) In a sentence: Basic, old-school gameplay, but it's fun as hell. A bit like Halo, but with a grittier more solid feel and no stupid jumping everywhere. I

A mixing/recording program that does not lagg?

As of now, I use audacity and adobe audition for my mixing... And it annoys me that I have to record in audacity, save the acapella version and then mix in Audition, I end up having a lot of files just for one cover! And Audition lags so terribly much

EAC causing alot of lag.

Hi there, I play on leetway using EAC. I noticed that outside of leetway my game runs amazing. As soon as I launch EAC it is causing me to have a lag / fps freeze really hard in game. Even with 10 - 20 ping my game stutters very hard due to EAC. My in

EAC+CS lagg

Падает фпс сильно при игре с ЕАКом, уже что только не пробовал(и на другой диск\хард переносил стим, удалял антивирь, драва, всякие бустеры... и т.п.). Может это быть изза низкого выходного канала? инет 1 мбит на 512, или должно этого хватать? пинг не

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