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Forum gratis : Free forum : A fun friendly place to discuss fishing venues, best catch, good fishing tackle shops and anything else you wanna discuss.

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Old Drag Strip in Somerset.

Here's a few shots taken at Somerset Drag Strip that was located a few miles west of down town Somerset Kentucky on rt 80. These were taken in the summer of '65. Check out the home built dragsters. One with Chevy 409/425 4 speed and factory chrome dual

Somerset Dam Qld

Heading off tomorrow for a week or so in my caravan and will spend some/most time at and around Somerset Dam, Brisbane's water supply. Thought I would take my Coinmaster 6db, inherited from my Dad, who had quite a bit of success with it around

Somerset Kentucky Cruise Night (gaging interst)

I am thinking about using some of my vacation time this year to hit up a cruise in Kentucky my friends keep telling me about. if you wanna check out pictures. The last one they had in October 2011 they had

A day ride through the Somerset/Wivenhoe Dam area of SE Queensland.

Last Friday arvo I had some spare time to do a half a day ride from the Gold Coast up through Ipswich and Esk, then right smack into the area that suffered during January's heavy flooding. I'd been up there in the middle of the rains and wanted to compare

Meetup in Somerset UK

Hey, anyone want to meetup in somerset? (in the mendip area) Let me know soon please.

Hello From Somerset KY


Somerset La La La, Someerset La La La

Could be a momentous week in the cricketing history of my county! Monday the final game of the LV where we are only 2 points behind Notts. And after stuffing Essex yesterday on Sat we have a trip to LORDS for the CB40

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