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A place for fun, with an amiable community always looking for new blood. SSBB, LoL, general shenanigans.

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Man the monsters in minecraft are scary.

I think the thing that really makes them scary is not the way they look but the sounds they make. That and the fact you can't see them really leads to some jump moments when you sitting in a whole at night. What do you guys think of them?

First Minecraft Adventure

An Application To Minecraft Server

Hi, my name is Ryan but u can call me by my MC name boomstick99. I am 12 years old and i know that I'm a little young but i love MC and I'm quite creative. I will do anything you want me to do and that means mostly admins and ops. I wouldn't call me a epi

Minecraft Discussion

We've all heard of it and some of us play it, yep, It's Minecraft. As many of you may know I have been obsessing over this game for the last few days and I finally decided to make a thread in honor of this amazing game! Here we can discuss anything

5 best ways to troll your friends on minecraft

Ok. You have always plotting revenge on someone? Always wanted to get back at them! Heres some trolling tips. 1. When they are sleeping, but BEDROCK around them. Make sure theres no spaces or cobblestone or whatever on the wall, so they cant

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