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Chiisaicon is an anime convention for Bullitt County Kentucky and the greater Louisville area. July 9th and 10th 2010 at the Ridgway Memorial Library in Shepherdsville Kentucky for more information see www. chiisaicon. com

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Setzer with Jimmy Barnes 1990

They keep turning up don't they? How did this one come about then? Steve

PHoebe Snow has passed away

'Poetry Man' singer Phoebe Snow dies at age 60 LOS ANGELES | Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:32pm EDT LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Phoebe Snow, the bluesy singer-songwriter known for her song "Poetry Man," died on Tuesday at age 60 of complications from a

Quelques news . . .

Alors voila je suis aller sur hide-city, et j'ai vue qu'il y avait quelques news les voici ! 09/24 We Love hide~The

First time you heard the Stooges

I bought the compilation "No Fun" with the first two albums (selected songs) maybe in the late 70's (not sure of the year). I was in love with punk rock and I was aware of bands like the New York Dolls (had the 2 l.p. comp of their 2 records)

Hide★The 13th Memorial

Quelques information pour le hide★The 13th Memorial - - (Les sites viennent du hide city; & c'est


Albums and EPs Glitter Loud Box (March 7, 2007) 1. No.9 2. Loud_Mucker_Complex. 3. Boon!! 4. METALLY 5. -SORA涙色- 6. CRAZY A GO GO 7. *BOOST BUSTERz* 8. Yellow Beauty Gimmical Impact!! (November 5, 2008) 1. Rainbow Magic Orchestra 2.

Hide Memorial Summit at Ajinamoto Stadium [03 et 04 Mai 2008]

Les groupes du 03/05 : hide with Spread Beaver T.M. Revolution DJ OZMA RIZE hurdy gurdy Phantasmagoria Versailles MarBell DaizyStripper Ra:IN Les groupes du 04/05 X JAPAN LUNA SEA Dir en grey OBLIVION DUST MUCC D'espairsRay The

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