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Earl's Secret Locker

New Zealand Competitions Forum. Earl's Secret Locker

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Earl Jones' Doom was Damballah?

....sorta like that Dr. Kananga/Mr.Big like Voodoo priest drug dealer from "Live and Let Die". I cant help but get the feeling that Milius' Yaro the Kothian/Kushite(Nubian) voodoo like priest of Set in his Tower with the giant Serpent was

Once again tea drinkers..

I've seen a couple teas that I'm curious about..if any of you have tried them could you let me know if they were any good? The first one is called Silkenty Silken Pyramid Sachet Cube, Crimson Nights Tea, it sounds good, but it's on Amazon sold in a 3pk

*No Spoilers* Episode 3 - 6/10 - Bachelorette 9 - Discussion

Please, do not post Spoilers in this thread. Just discuss the episode as it airs. Thank you!

Doctor Who [4]

Continued from: /t448p990-doctor-who-3 ---------- A Merry Whovian xmas to you all! And especially for Norc-

Earl Spilner's room

Here is your room.Enjoy your stay here. P.S Hamouda again forgot to make room ;D.


Hi All, I was not happy with the try cocks provided with the main reason that they were fake and didn't work. I didn't want non working try cocks even if i wasn't going to use them much as so I looked at the options. Option 1 Modify the ones

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