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Free forum : Chasing Cars

Free forum : This is a forum for anything you can imagine. Yes, you can curse. Yes, discussions on any subject allowed. But, I said discussions, not flaming. Still are rules.

#free, #chasing, #cars

Chasing the Dark Star for You

A Cinema Bizarre Roleplay but it can be with any fandom.

#chasing, #dark, #star, #cinema, #bizarre, #roleplay, #with, #fandom

One piece-chasing the dream

set sail on the seas and go chase your dream-either it be a pirate a marine or a bounty hunter-travel around and meet lots of people but the most part is just to have fun

#piece-chasing, #dream, #sail, #seas, #chase, #your, #dream-either, #pirate, #marine, #bounty, #hunter-travel, #around, #meet, #lots, #people, #most, #part, #just, #have

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Chasing and Shooting

I have recently been seeing dream were there is chasing and shooting, I can not understand the meaning of this dreams... Dream 1 - Two guys were coming out of a building, speaking, laughing; another man was waiting for them in the corner. That

Bears chasing people

Hi , first of all I personally think it is important to briefly explain what had been going on in my life the week prior. I had called a woman in my town in excitement about a new ministry she would be starting and told her of my interest. She was excited

Help! Vicious Dogs Are Chasing Me!!!

Hello All! Every since I was a little girl I have ALWAYS had a recurring dream of a dog biting me on my hand! I'm not sure which hand they would bite! I am 39 yrs. old and I STILL dream about dogs chasing me and trying to bite me. Dogs don't symbolize

2nd dream of Wolf chasing me

Tonight I had my second dream about a wolf that made me very afraid. I guess I should start with the first dream I had. I was in an institutional building, like a research University, and they were studying several different animals in a room. After I

Who's chasing me? (Short Dream)

Is this showing some kind of hidden fear within me? I was sitting in a church type scenery, and in the foyer it seemed as if I had my mother and maybe a baby. It seemed to be alot of gossiping around me (I believe), so I got up and left and the scene

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