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Mugo Myth?

The experts say if you want to grow mugo pines, choose the standard form, as the miniature cultivars from Iseli Nursery are delicate & temperamental. However, inside every great-grandmother is a little girl who plays with dollhouses. I couldn't resist

Cox Conquest .40? Myth? Legion?

Take a look at this! I have heard a couple of these were put together from parts but never

JOHN SKIPP: The Man, The Myth, The Sexy Dancer....

JOHN SKIPP is a busy motherfucker. SInce gracing our debut with an interview....he has collaborated with the equally hyper CODY GOODFELLOW on "The Day Before", a strangely wonderful end of the world drama with darkly comedic tones. They

High-End Audio Cables: Myth or Fact?

I have read many differing views regarding the impact high end audio cables have on audio systems and would love to have some feedback on whether members believe there are any differences between inexpensive cables all the way up to exorbitantly priced

Skyfall, the myth shatterer

Saw it last weekend and was so affected by my experience that I haven't yet been able to gather my thoughts into an opinion of the film. I intend to watch it a second time when I get a chance to see if anything changes or becomes more clear. It's no

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