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Archaeology & Myth of Ancient British Sites: Stone Circles, Holy Wells, Maypoles, tombs, shamanism, cosmologies, etc

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"The Myth That Is True" By Michael Heiser

Here below is the link to Michael Heiser's .......Completed first draft of "The Myth That Is True". Here is the link to his Blog where he writes about it's release. Be sure and notice

Tudors - a myth?

An article which has appeared on the BBC, by Oxford Professor Cliff Davies

Tales of Myth and Legend

One of the great advantages of the modern digital age is the ability to read on computer the classic tales from the past. So, for anyone with an hour or two to spare, here are three of the great tales of medieval Europe; The

The Myth of Modern Happiness

The connection from the J.-Xt. views on Laughter to modernity's Happiness ideal... in continuation with the Humour thread. (This post is to also contrast my comment in another section on the esoterism of Jupiterian laughter and

Warzaw Pact Forces - myth or a reality?

I sometimes wondered about the effectivenss of the Warzaw Pact and Soviet Military stationed in East Germany during the Cold War, and just how effective they were. I have read somewhere that the majoirty of the soldiers were reluctant conscripts, and that

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