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Metin2 MidNight 2013 International Server

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The Northern Antiquarian Forum

Archaeology & Myth of Ancient British Sites: Stone Circles, Holy Wells, Maypoles, tombs, shamanism, cosmologies, etc

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BeadThrilled :: Trollbeads Forum & Pandora, Faerybeads and many mo

About Trollbeads and many, many more! Independent, best informed and the latest news from around the globe!

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The Legend of Zelda: Shades of the Past

A Legend of Zelda RPG that takes place 400 years in the future, where the legend of the hero has become myth.

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JOHN SKIPP: The Man, The Myth, The Sexy Dancer....

JOHN SKIPP is a busy motherfucker. SInce gracing our debut with an interview....he has collaborated with the equally hyper CODY GOODFELLOW on "The Day Before", a strangely wonderful end of the world drama with darkly comedic tones. They

This Japanese Myth is SHIT

So, today I'm here to educate you about a certain Japanese Myth. A myth about a deity that is associated with toilets; The toilet god or kawiyama kami. These deities have been associated with health, well-being and fertility. People have made offers

Skyfall, the myth shatterer

Saw it last weekend and was so affected by my experience that I haven't yet been able to gather my thoughts into an opinion of the film. I intend to watch it a second time when I get a chance to see if anything changes or becomes more clear. It's no

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