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Woman at supermarket checkout

Hi ME and my daughter was at the supermarket yesterday.when we got to the checkout and placed all the doggy Treats on the convayer she asked us what type of dog we had we told her we had 3 and that the youngest was a staffy.And she came out with i wouldn

Companion Planting - Myth or Fact

Is companion planting based on fact or is it a myth? There is a lot of discussion on the Interweb concerning that very question. More importantly for us is the question, "Do we need to be concerned about companion planting in our SFG boxes?" I plant

The Myth of Self Reliance

---> Linky to original blog article

The Alpha Myth

Thought I'd share this - it gave me food for thought & made me re-think the whole 'pack leader' thing...

Truth or Myth? Garden Lore Explored

Do you have a baffling question about the garden? Did the neighbor give some advice? But is it true? Will it help? Post a question here if you cannot seem to find a good answer and other members may be able to help shed some light on the facts. @yolos

Locking Jaw myth debunked

Interesting little article...I'd say most of us know the facts anyway, but it's good to see it in print!

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