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SOUTH COAST COUGARS, The Club for all Ford / Mercury Cougar owners!

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Metin2 Forum BZ

For all people of all ages.

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Metin2 MidNight 2013 International Server

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FinalStand Metin2

FinalStand is a new dedicatedserver hard working staff24/7 working fixed bugs!new armors, weapons, Custom items and a lot of morerates are x350Yang x350EXP x350Drop x350J

finalstand, #metin2, hard, working, staff24/7, fixed, bugs!new, armors, weapons, custom, items, morerates, x350yan

Time 4 Metin

Ai intrat, ti-ai facut cont, acum incearca sa mai iesi.

forum, time, metin, intrat, ti-ai, facut, cont, acum, incearca, iesi, tare, #metin2

Free forum : GuildForum

Free forum : Guild Forum made for Shinsoo Guild of Metin2. uk

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123456789 (lvl 42)

ΑμυναΜειωση ΤαχYang+ 1o Αντικειμενο2ο αντικειμενο+0+55-8%- +1+61-8%1.000 +2+67-8%2.000 +3+73-8%4.000 +4+79-8%8.000 +5+85-8%13.0002x +6+91-8%20.0002x +7+97-8%40.0002x1x+8+103-8%70.0002x1x +9+109-8%120.0002x1x

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