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Hope for Exodia Guide/Article

Table of Contents 1. What is Hope for Exodia?2. The Monsters3. The Spells.4. The Traps5. Side Decking6. Deck lists and skeletonsWhat is Hope for Exodia?Hope for Exodia is an Exodia deck that uses Hope For Escape as it's main draw

Exodia, The Forbidden One

Exodia the Forbidden One:You've asked for it, so here it is. My newest article is all on Exodia. Keep suggesting new topics and your topic may be considered for my next article.There are a few ways to play Exodia decks. This article will

exodia necross

can exodia necross be destroyed by monster effect?

exodia the link^i'm not sure what else to do but there it is plz tell me what you think

Evil exodia

ok so for some reason i really really want to build a good exodia necross deck ._. and though i know hes hard to summon and his effect isnt really worth it anymore i still think he might be a bit tough to get past when he gets brought out espically if

Awesome Exodia OTK

First, somehow get Gearfried the Iron Knight onto the field. In case you don't know, whenever an equip spell card is equipped to him, that equip spell card is destroyed.Second, get ahold of Butterfly Dagger - Elma. When this card is destroyed and

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