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Metin2 MidNight 2013 International Server

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Forum for PathFinders guild Metin2 UK

pathfinders, forum, guild, #metin2

Atros Comunity

Gaming is more than just a game!

atros, comunity, gaming, #metin2, counterstrike1.6, minecraft, sa:mp

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Exodia/Exodius deck need help

monsters 193- exodius5-parts of exodia1- morphing jar3- renge3- gene-warped3- gemeni elf1- sanganspells 153- heart of underdog1- heavy1- space1- vortex2- mallet1- reincarnation1- swords2- mist body2- dark factory


Hey guys this is a deck I came up with a couple weeks ago. It works pretty well and it's pretty fast. So rate it for me and let me know what you think please and thank you.Monsters:Exodia the Forbidden OneLeft Arm of the Forbidden OneRight Arm

Evil exodia

ok so for some reason i really really want to build a good exodia necross deck ._. and though i know hes hard to summon and his effect isnt really worth it anymore i still think he might be a bit tough to get past when he gets brought out espically if

Dragon Exodia Frog

....Before you ask.Yes, this is a real deck.Dragon Exodia FrogMonsters - 215 Parts of Exodia3 Swap Frog3 Subsitoad3 Dupe Frog3 Poison Draw Frog2 Ronin Toad2 Treeborn FrogSpells-163 Super Rejuvenation3

New Exodia Deck

Monsters (21):5 Pieces of Exodia (DUH xD)3 Apprentice Magician3 Giant Germ3 Mystic Tomato3 Nimble Momonga3 Cyber Valley1 SanganSpells (12):1 Fissure1 Heavy Storm1 Monster Reborn1 Monster Reincarnation1 Mystical Space

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