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Free forum : A place were PWs can relax

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The Bay Hyms of Shiloh - Wolf RPG Forum

Roleplay as a wolf in four different packs. The Shadow Pack, The Whisper Pack, The Fire Pack, and The Water Pack. Roleplay (all levels) chat, and just hang out!

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Shiloh & his 4-H project

Hey all! Just wanted to share a few pics. Our livestock show & sale was this past weekend & Shiloh had a project in the "crafts" division. He came in 7th & got a red ribbon. He sold his knick-knack shelf for (was maxed out) $455. Here is a picture

My son, Shiloh

Just wanted to share the good news with everyone about my 12-year-old son, Shiloh. I got a letter from his middle school the other day to tell us that he has been selected to be in the National Junior Honor Society at school. The ceremony for those chosen


Going back to the year 1862 for a few days while I participate in a documentary about the Battle of Shiloh at Shiloh NMP. Hold the fort down and I'll see you guys Monday.

Shiloh Area

Since next weekend is the 150th Shiloh, I will be in that area for the reenactment. I will be avaible for a early hunt Thursday morning, and then Saturday afternoon, then I have to head back. If not anyone know of a place I might be able to get

Shiloh's results

Shiloh had his appointment today. We got to the doctor and Shiloh got called back. They took us to a room where they ran another hearing test on him. She asked me why he was there before she conducted the test, which I thought was strange. I had

Keep Shiloh in your prayers

Hey all! Back in November of 2006, I got notice from school that Shiloh, my youngest son, had taken his routine hearing test and there were some problems. I took him to a place in a nearby town, Seguin, that tested him and the results were that h

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