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Folketsfiendes Beastmen of Ind - New pics 110707

I never quite liked the goat/horse/farmyard thingy beastmen minis. Especially not when they thrashed my poor lizardmen to pieces the first games of Mordheim I played! But when I saw the Alchemy Khaliman republic minis, I began thinking of some fluff about

*Full Body Painting Tips*

Hi!!! I finally got the opportunity to do a full body painting..and photo shoot! ..the photographer (whom i met at one of my events) contacted me today about a photo shoot and asked if i would be interested in doing some body painting...of course i

A Very Feline New Year's Eve

Here's what I painted for New Year's Eve. This is my first rainbow tiger, first real tiger, and first pink kitty: Then, my daughter begged me for eyelashes. I thought it would look awful, but I thought it came out cute: What do you think?

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