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MERCS - Kemvar and CCC

Here are my attempts at painting two of the factions for the MERCS game, tried something different want them to look 'cell shaded' quite pleased with the results Kemvar CCC

Ultimative and A3 mercs

Playing a summon Necro who somehow seems significantly buffed in ultimative. But I would like to know if someone knows what the damage of the abjurer is. His black hole thing seems so op and does he benefit from Faster Cast Rate? Any tips for Tran Athulua

The mercs

An inquisitor stands on a podium in front of a large number of drop ships and begins to speak as the engines of the drop ships die down. "Welcome back to the outpost space marines as you can see we have several new units joining us including some

Cartel Coin Item Trading Depot

Looking to trade your Cartel Coin items for others? Maybe hoping to exchange your item for credits? Well come on in and start posting your lists! This thread is to house all Cartel Coin trades in-between members so that people can swap items

Dont forget your permenant unlock token!

A few people i have been playing with didnt realize you can unlock perks or whatever permenantly after you prestige. I unlocked ghost as im getting oh so sick of uav's lol. many of you probably know this but some may not so just a heads up

Inferny's Kroot mercs WIP

So a few pics of my kroots. As yet some reposing only (in few day I'll buy some greenstuff and trade some bits)

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