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Free forum : Forum for all members of the Mercs alliance

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Greyknight fan site for table top gameing This order of light is dedicated to the way of the emperor and to stamp chaos in to dust

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MERCS - Kemvar and CCC

Here are my attempts at painting two of the factions for the MERCS game, tried something different want them to look 'cell shaded' quite pleased with the results Kemvar CCC

Two lists for tomorrow night (13/7/11)

Have a game tomorrow night and wondering which list i should take. Seeing how most of the armies are space marines at my club... First list is just an evolution of the list I took last time, and worked well until the rhinos were destroyed. More marines

My first Ordo Malleus army

This is my first 40K army since Rogue Trader, so of course I'm looking for all the comments I can get. Be adviced that the army is primarily based on having a high coolness factor e.g. power armored grey knights are ruled out, so it won't look like just

Ordo Malleus "Project Exterminatus" (2k GK list)

Hello Brothers!! Here's a list that combines fun and competitiveness (IMO) and I would like to share it with you all! If someone wants/can test it in his local meta and tell me the results I would be grateful as I 'm still bringing all the units together

Inferny's Kroot mercs WIP

So a few pics of my kroots. As yet some reposing only (in few day I'll buy some greenstuff and trade some bits)

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