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The Phantoms of Grand Fantasia

If you play Grand Fantasia and want to experience the game with a bunch of friendly players, then THIS is the guild for you!

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Merchants of Death - Campaign (need opinions)

EDIT: The first post is deleted. Please see my last post with link to the finished campaign.

What kind of coal

Hi all I was going to use the coal that we ues for the house .BUT I have been toled that I must use Welsh coal ?? It is ment to come in a brick form and of a set size. Is this right and if so were can I get some..... Please

Gobo traiding corner ;)

Sometimes i can have nice and rare mordhaim models now I have for sell: Mordheim Witch x1 Arabian Merchant (Model for Morheim, not for Dogs of War) x2 Simus Gaant (dramatis personae necromancer) x2 Towny Cryer x1 and: Imperial NOBLE for WH

Monday Night Mordheim Presents: Border Town Burning

Last night was the final night in my gaming groups first ever Border Town Burning Campaign. It was also the first night in which a camera was available to take pictures of our games. The pictures are below, but first, a brief introduction to the players

Footed bowl / Chalice - R monogram

Studio pottery, handturned footed bowl/cup in the Chinese style. Monogram stamped on underside of cup = R or vR Sangue de boeuf glaze. 4" high, 5.25" diameter

Got a gold crown to spare? (Merchant Caravan warband)

By request I present pictures of the Tilean Merchant Caravan warband I have been playing for quite a while now. Beware: I am not nearly as professional a painter as some of the other fine folks around here. The warband in its entirety. I a

Green bowl vase with flat base and ground out Whitefriars style pontil

Hello Any thoughts about this soda glass bowl vase?

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