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Beth's Game

Beth's game

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Lost Chances

Hi Everyone, I posted this story at PT as well.It's of Jason ‘the inventor’ [Talking Machine/ Season2] moving back to Walnut Grove,and of how Almonzo felt with a new man in Beth’s life. Kalin Lost Chances *************** Almonzo glanced up from the

What Should I Do?

This story takes place at the blind school in Sleepy Eye during the episode He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. Laura is struggling with trusting Almanzo again while she cares for him. Enjoy! Laura sat in Houston’s chair at the blind school watching

Prayers desperately needed

Hi all. I am posting this on behalf of my friend Beth Ingalls Leisses. She is a member here but doesn't post. A lot of you know her from facebook and emails so I am counting on you to pray. Her husband David suffered a heart attack last night (july

Last day for Guiding Light

I don't know if anyone watches it that's on this board but I have since I was 16-years-old. Today is the final episode and the "wind down" episodes have been both sad but happy with them tying up loose ends. So anyone that does watch this, today is the

A Real Ingalls Meets a tv Ingalls

My friend Beth Ingalls Leisses has just returned from Minneopolis and the Little HOuse on the Prairie Musical. She explained to the staff of her relationship to Laura and expressed a desire to meet the cast. They arranged for her to have a backstage pas

‘Guiding Light’ Cancelled - Final Episode Sept. 18th

Guiding Light Cancelled Has anyone else read about this?

Saying Goodbye

This is a story I wrote a while back, but didn't have time to enter into the PC until recently. In this one, Laura and Almanzo stop by their old house--the one Almanzo and Charles built after Manly's stroke--to say goodbye before the town is blown

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