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Providing Quality Care, Education and Medication to Medical Cannabis Patients of Spokane

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Urgency. Is 99 Cents for the 99 Percent

Urgency. is a book of mysticism unlike any other you have ever read. Big claim, right? Well, for .99 you can afford to find out for yourself. Find out why The Key: A True Encounter author Whitley Strieber calls it:“The most unusual book I’ve read

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Update- medication holiday and migraine

Hi All,When I got back from the Cleveland Clinic, all the doctors there had suggested that I stop the meds I was taking for migraine. So, over the course of two weeks- I got off everything- (Daily tylenol 3, klonopin, benedryl.) So far, things have

Medication overuse headaches

I know, this topic is like bringing up politics or religion. There are a lot of differing opinions on the topic. I've been thinking about it a bit as I've recovered from my surgery and have needed different types of pain meds. I've definately

Glaucoma medication causes hair regrowth

Prostaglandin metabolism in human hair follicle.Colombe L, Vindrios A, Michelet JF, Bernard BA.SourceCentre Charles Zviak, L'Oreal Recherche, 90 rue du Général Roguet, Clichy Cedex, France. lcolombe@rd.loreal.comAbstractProstaglandins regulate

CORRECTION: Norvasc is new medication for me

Well, after spending 16 of the last 19 days in migraine, we are on a new adventure. My physician ordered a blood pressure medication to try as a preventative to migraine.I already have low B/P but this is a low dose med, I'll take it at night and

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