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The Imperial Gunnery Forum is a vintage Star Wars forum created by collectors for collectors. Discuss Lili Ledy, Harbert, Palitoy, Meccano, Clipper, Kenner, variants and many more! Come see our new bootleg section for information on Uzay Hungarian an

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Need a bit of help with Meccano

I need a few advices about valuating a couple of Meccano items, if any Meccano collector wish to help out. As always help is greatly appreciated.

Meccano Yoda

Hi guys, I recently bought this loose Yoda figure. He has COO no. 5 according to Wolff's COO guide. The cane feels quite differerent compared to all the other canes I have, it is quite flexible, feels a bit like rubber. I don't think it is repro,

Wrong coo meccano boba fett on ebay

Did anyone here win this figure? It looks seriously like a taiwan coo figure which is either a short short on the coo or it has been scalped. A meccano boba

Meccano Han Solo Caronite on ebay

Hi All is it just me or does this figure and card not look right I can't see any info in the name area is it just the

WTB: rare harbert and 12 back meccano MOCs

If you have, or know somebody that might, please pm me. Harbert: yoda, death star droid, luke x-wing, han or luke Meccano: any 12 backs Thanks!


Hello Please do not hesitate if you have any question or if you want to make an offer. paiment with paypal as a gift. shipping with tracking number. thanks here are my feedback: - Here is my whish list for

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