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Xtra-L Community Indonesia

Big not only in SIZE, we are also BIG in HEART.

#xtra-l, #community, #indonesia, #only, #size, #also, #heart

Soccer Xtra

www. soccerxtra. com

#soccer, #xtra, #soccerxtra

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Barbarian Warband

This is my "all plastic-all one piece" barbarian warband (middenheimers). Heroes (from dragon strike, talisman, warhammer quest, talisman and heroquest) Henchmen and a hired wizard. (from carnage, talisman, carnage. I have at least 5

Ripmax information?

Hi all, The radio from Paul has just arrived, along with a load of extra bits and pieces. In amongst these was what I believe to be an esc(maybe forward only?)named Ripmax Xtra 12. I've never come across one of these before...any information on it,

Anyone know a decent Line-X dealer in the area?

My truck has the factory painted bumpers that are notorious for getting paint chips and then rusting, the rear on the truck has already been replaced under warranty by the previous owner. I got a quote by a Maaco (lol) to redo my F/R bumpers together

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