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AMS rims

AMS rims. Anyone know much about them? Good/bad? Very good prices for a set of 4 with caps and lugnuts... bead area looks to be thick, more than most rims. Thanks, R

New 19" iForged Rims on my Ride!

Picked up some 19X8.5 iForged Retro's this weekend. A very "luxury performance" brand and style. Just my taste. Offset is -38. They fit VERY well with the fenders. Not tucked in too far, but not they stick out just the right amount. The

20" Rims on my Sonata

Whats going on everyone. I decided to pick up some rims this past weekend for he car. I ran across some chrome 20's that look really nice. If you are getting rims, i would highly suggest moving up to 20". The ride does not seem much different at all

Best/Cheapest way to ship rims????

I have a set of rims for sale but i have never shipped rims before.... yea, i know taking the tires off is recommended.... where have some of you gone? some general details would help a lot!!! TIA

Gunmetal 16" trd rims with 265/75/16 bfg at

hey all, looking to trade, possibly sell, this setup. ill trade for a 17" or maybe 18" black rim with 33-35" mud tires. i can add cash as well. im in no hurry so pm me or comment with offers. ill add pics in the next couple days. im located in

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