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MSJunction v.55

••[v55] • [200x EXP] • [200x MESOS] • [250x DROP] • [MAIN TOWN HENESYS & KERNING] • [4TH JOBS] • [GUILDS] • [NX CASH] • [FM EVENTS DAILY] • [MAX LEVEL 200] • [UNLIMITED REBIRTH &] • [24/7] • [SCROLL NPC]

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Maxis Makeover - European Townhouse 1 BR + 1 BA 3x2 Lot (Base Game, CC-Free)

Want to experience the days in the European urban district, living in the crowded tenements of London? Feeling a bit of nostalgia for the European air? Well, here's European Townhouse. It has one master bedroom, one master bathroom that leads to the

Maxis Competition Team

There's an adventure competition on that's been going on for some time now, the 'Game Changers' competition. The deadline has been extended to August 31st, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to band together to make a team for this contest.

EA in a nutshell (Featuring Maxis!) I think this describes EA pretty well. Also you get to see Maxis getting hit with a wooden plank!

Maxis community manager "Maxis Cactus" resigns I am thinking this could be an answer to a lot of un-updated stuff. She originally announced this back in March in the Darkspore Moderator section but was however very unclear. She has only just now

What Maxis Has REALLY Been Up To

THIS is why the featured list never got updated. THEY'VE GONE MAD.

Your Favrouite Maxis Adventures

what is your favrouite maxis made adventure? do you have one? post here! more then one is allowed! can be one of the maxis creators! Me: I have not played all of them put the ones I have are: Shake It Up (Maxis) Spoffit Calculator! (Maxis)

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