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Snail Mail Connections

Free forum : For all people looking for snail mail penpals and swappers and epals

#epal, #snail, #mail, #swappers

Aranock Online

Aranock is a free online massively multiplayer role playing game (MMORPG)based on the now-closed game Mercenaries of Astonia V2, which was a much loved game created by Daniel Brockhaus.

#aranock, #free, #online, #massively, #multiplayer, #role, #playing, #game, #(mmorpg), #mercenaries, #astonia

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LEGO Cuusoo: beta testing

There is a web site now called Lego Cuusoo. Basically you post up your Lego creations and if 10,000 people support your creation it has a chance of becoming a real set. Right now the site is in beta test. If to want to try it out the invitation code is

'Snail trail'..why?

So...I don't know why this is even in my train of thought...and I decided against posting this on facebook and felt here was the better place to get other's opinions. On the male' snail trail'...wonder what the purpose of it is? I it

PennLUG train layout at BrickFair A "train's eye view" of our PennLUG track at BrickFair 2010. Awesome, except for the little boy that you just wanna strangle. Enjoy.

Neverending Story Figurines for sale

I just won an auction for all 6 Neverending Story figurines made by Bully in 1984 and so now I have doubles of the Empress, Bastian and the Racing Snail that I need to offload. Considering the rarity of all three (especially BAstian and Empress) I'm

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