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[LSGC] LiveSoul Gaming Community

We are a fun and friendly Gaming Community originally formed by friends just wanting to play video-games, but have since begun a journey to become a multi-national community and clan.

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Modified DCU: Riverine Squadron 1

Six pockets modified DCU with badges. Instead of usual method of removing pockets then relocating on same jacket, this DCU has extra two pockets which is removed from different jacket. Has SWCC Expeditionary Warfare badge.

Modern Warfare 4 Announced!

Only on German Amazon. So far that is.

Sawed off chicken best easter egg ever

So I came across this video after a google search upon hearing a rumour.... Best Easter egg ever enjoy

Not my First Time Playing Volleyball {S E L E N E}

Dragged you down below, down the devils show! JACOB RYDER I walked to the volleyball pit. I don't even know why I am here. I sat down on the sand of the volleyball pit and a ball was kicked into me. Jerk. I looked at the ball. Now to play it...

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