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Three Clans. DuskClan. DawnClan. TwilightClan. The only thing severing them is a border marked only by scent markings.

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Free forum : Janus 5

Free forum : In January 2008 an Israeli satellite discovered a spaceship floating in space - It had Canadian markings & was was abandoned - more than 30 years old. The Canadian space ship was launche

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Free forum : Dusk

Free forum : this is dusk clan forums!. Free forum : Dusk

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Husky Markings?

Someone recently asked me if there was a way to know if a husky puppy would keep their markings as they got older. I've seen them keep them, markings get bigger, and lose them. So I told her that I'd ask some people that might know. Pss its you guys haha.

Husky pups and their markings help :)

Hi everyone, i'm new to these forums and was just doing some research on Huskies and had some questions! I do plan on getting a pup sometime in the future but I am kinda picky, I want my family to have our perfect pup after all. Anyways I was wondering

Supposed Purebred staffie with rottweiller markings???

Hi y'all. My brother bought this puppy from a 'breeder' and told he was a purebred staffie however I have encountered a lot of debate when I have told people this as he clearly seems to have rottweiller markings. Are there any staffie enthusiasts that

What unique markings does your Husky have?

I've had some comments on Willows streak on her nose and mouth so I thought it would be kinda fun to see if any of your huskies have unique markings too. Here is a photo of Willows.

DuskClan Against DawnClan

In the warriors world, however you try to avoid it, battles always happen. More information about both Clans. DuskClan - The night hunters. Those who were born in the shadows. These cats are trained to fight in pairs. They always have a battle and

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