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Ballerina on Ice - an unofficial fan forum dedicated to two time World champion and Olympic silver medalist Mao Asada.

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Asada sisters withdrew from "Dreams on Ice"

Mao Asada and Mai Asada withdrew from "Dreams on Ice 2007" because of injury. Mao is having a "Ligament damage". And they can't do any hard jumps for skating for three weeks, however, they will attend the training in Courmayeur, Italy

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Mao Asada Italian Documentary "Magie sul ghiaccio"

I found italian documentary about Mao on youtube:

Hi, Everyone!

Hi to all Mao Fans out there! I'm Camille from Ukiah, North California. I love Mao since I saw her Czardas program in 2007 Worlds. She was really behind, and when she stepped on the ice for her LP, She Owns it! How pure her tears then,

My blog...

So I made a blog for my ramblings on FS, gymnastics, food, and life... or

Mao Asada Fan Art~

While I was ignoring studying... I drew some pictures of Mao I am pretty happy with them They are both from her later "Masqurade Waltz" programs! I used fountain pen to outline them, so it did bleed a little...

Grand Prix assigments

"(6/25) - The ISU has delayed the announcement of the 2011 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Series skater selections until June 27 at 6 a.m. (EDT)." - I didn't even know this was supposed to have happened around now!... I'm exited

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