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Ballerina on Ice - an unofficial fan forum dedicated to two time World champion and Olympic silver medalist Mao Asada.

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Mao News - The 2013-2014 Season!

The 2013-2014 season has kicked off !!  Mao celebrates the 10th anniversary of "Hana-Celeb" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true", singing a song. (cute  ) She pledges her undying love for Hana (Nose) in wedding dress.Some special

Mao Asada Fan Forum & YNKF- common projekt?

I have an idea:We’re playing game “Secret Santa” on our forum , why don’t we play some game with YNKF? I think it would be great way to prove all those crazy people on youtube, there’s no war between TRUE fans of Yuna and Mao.We could send them

SPOILERS ONLY - Japan Nationals 2011

Hello hello! Well, the men's SP is happening right now, so I figured it's time to start the SPOILERS thread!Please post any PBP or news that comes out before the TV broadcast HERE and not in the other thread! THANKS!

Mao's Family!

Hi guys!You may all know that I'm a new fan of Mao-chan, and I was wondering if there is any information about Mao's family. Of course there is Mai, but what about her mother and father? I don't think we should disregard their presence. They supported

Mao's Book for Charity

I don't think anyone posted this yet (please feel free to delete if they did), but they will be publishing a book based on recent interviews with Mao, and all the proceeds will go to those affected by the earthquake/tsunami

Mao Asada Fan Art~

While I was ignoring studying...I drew some pictures of Mao I am pretty happy with them They are both from her later "Masqurade Waltz" programs! I used fountain pen to outline them, so it did bleed a little...

2011: Message to Mao and Mao Asada Fan Forum

I decided to create a thread where we can post our wishes and hopes for Mao and the forum in general. Before posting your messages here, please view Genie's post first: /t950-happy-new-yearI'll go first!Happy New Year everyone!This year, I

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