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Belleville Wire Cloth

Belleville Wire Cloth manufacturers and maintains one of the largest inventories of wire cloth, wire mesh (i.e. stainless steel wire mesh, mesh wire, woven wire mesh, wire mesh basket, wire mesh screen, woven wire cloth, stainless steel wire cloth, w

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"John" SWEET - 8 yo (2007) - Onslow County/Holly Ridge NC

Name: Christine M. Sweet Wanted for: Probation violation; child abuse Ethnicity: White Sex: Female Age: 38 Height: 5’5” Weight: 140 lbs. Hair: Brown Authorities are looking for an Onslow County mother who became a fugitive rather than get a job

Italian vs English Pipes

I've a soft spot for English pipes, but have bought a couple of Italians last year - a Becker & Musico and a Le Nuvole. Both of these pipes are beautiful, but don't taste like my Upshalls, Ashtons, Ferndown, or even my older, lower end GBD's, BBB's

Ebonite/vulcanite on high end pipes, why?

I just want to know why manufacturers and high end independent pipe makers use vulcanite/ebonite on pipes? If you spend $1000.00 on a pipe but has a ebe/vulc stem it will turn yellow and oxidize and your beautiful briar which cost an arm and a leg will be

The ANDERSON Children - Accused: Larry W and Janet L Anderson - Hubert (SE of Piney Green) NC

A Hubert couple has been charged with child abuse after investigators say they were torturing their five children. Larry W. Anderson, 25, and Janet Lynn Anderson, 28, both of West Volant Street, were charged Monday by the Onslow County Sheriff’s

Your Favorite Pipe Tobacco Manufacturer

Please select from the above list, which seems to cover about 90% of the pipe tobaccos discussed around these parts. If you are unsure as to who actually produces your favorite blends, please post a query and if I do not answer someone is sure to do

Spigot pipes, anyone know pros or cons?

I am thinking about purchasing a Peterson Spigot pipe, not sure if the Spigot pipe is any different from traditional stems or if this is purely cosmetic. Appreciate all responses.

ANGEL MARIE LAKES - 15 yo - Onslow County/Jacksonville NC

Authorities and family are searching for a teenage White Oak High School student who has been missing for a week. Angel Natlie Marie Lakes, 15, was last seen near the school Jan. 29. She is a white female with brown eyes and brown to black hair. She

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